Every Once in a while

50 days of Sounds


Last year in July 2020  during the lockdown, I started a self-initiated challenge to compose around 50 tracks in a span of 6 months. I realized I was aiming a bit high but I could manage to get halfway through, and I’m currently celebrating the completion of 30 tracks and hope to complete the rest 20 in the next few months :) This challenge certainly helped me grow as a musician/ producer by the means of experimenting only. The reason why this project is called  'Every once in a while'  is that literally, I would make a track keeping some gap since I know I can't keep up with every day / consecutive day challenges, so gave myself some leave on that.

Most of the tracks are made in synchronicity with what I am reading, watching, or hearing. In some of my tracks I have used voice-over samples, thanks to everyone who contributed, I’ve credited all those whom I approached for sampling their voice, while in some of them I’ve used voice clips from YouTube videos (I don’t have any rights but none of the music is used for commercial purposes) and when I couldn’t find perfect voice over I even used text to speech functionality on different software.

I am aware 30 songs to go through at once can take a lot of time, hence here's my recommendation list: Entropy of a black hole, Voyager, Heliocentricity, Starship, Code of Hammurabi, Hit-enter-to-play, Computers are in control, Illustris & S4. I do agree a lot of tracks are not perfect and there's a huge scope of improvisation, but my aim was to get better as I aim for numbers. 

Gear used - M-Audio Midi;  Ibanez GSR200 Bass; Xylophone, Mouth Harp; iPhone (voice sample and ambiance sampling) and a bunch of VSTs.




Until then, Happy listening! 

#1 - Entropy of a black hole

VO by Stephen Hawking Computer

#2 - Voyager

VO - Clips from NASA

#3 - Humanising or robotizing

VO - Clips from Ex Machina

#4 - Lunar Voyage

VO - Clips from NASA & Neil Armstrong

#5 - Overthinking

VO by Khushboo Sinha

#6 - Ocean's melody

#7 - Traversing-spacetime

#8 - Space Dogs

#9 - Fermi Paradox

VO by Startalk

#10 - Heliocentricity

VO by Startalk

#11 - Starship

#12 - Galactic Snail

VO by Khushboo Sinha

#13 - Hyperloop

#14 - Code of Hammurabi

#15 - Traverser

VO Samples by Indian Railways

#16 - Intergalactic

#17 - Spontaneous Combustion

#18 - Hit enter to play

VO by Last Bronx

#19 - Reactor

VO by Dr. Strangelove

#20 - Call of the forest

#21 - Computers are in control

VO by Akhila Ramanarayan

#22 - Occam's razor

#23 - Illustris

#24 - Schrodinger Cat

#25 - Diamond Glintz

#26 - Woods

VO by Q502 (Satyajit Sarangi)

#27 - Conditioned

VO by Numa Sakia

#28 - Udon

#29 - Nepeta Cataria

#30 - S4

Thankyou for listening! 

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