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Discipline: Album Cover, Logo Design, Graphic Design

Fun Fact: Making album covers from 2008 onwards! 

Being a music lover, I've contributed to many indie bands across different genres for their album covers, logo, and other media. The album artworks are conceptualized and rendered based on their Album/song theme. 

My journey started in school when I used to burn CDs and draw an album cover for them. The path for making album covers became even clearer when some of my friends approached me for making logos and album cover for their bands in college. Since then, there have been a number of musicians/bands have approached me for their art.

Till date, I have created more than 50 Album covers. Below are a few of my all-time favs.

Amogh Symphony - 'IV' Album 2018

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Amogh Symphony is an Avant-Garde/Multi-genre Band, comprised of Vishal J.Singh from Mumbai, Derick Gomes from Lisbon, Andrey Sazonov from Moscow and Tom Geldschläger from Berlin

The art is inspired and conceptualized by one of the title track called 'Birds' which portrays life, mother nature, and freedom metaphorically.

Vinyl Record PSD MockUp-AS2

Process Video


Riatsu - 'Machine Men' Single 2016

Riatsu is an electronic act by Shadaab Kadri. Shadaab mentioned 'In today’s modern world, ‘Machine Men’ is reflected in monotony' hence the art reflects modern slavery and control.

The song has a mashup of Chaplin’s Great Dictator Speech. Apart from being a great track, I like the fact this song also has a great meaning and significance to ponder upon. And I was happy the way it turned up.

Hand holding vinyl music album template on white wall background

Kayoben - 'Asrar' EP 2021

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Kayoben is a duo act by Nush Lewis (Harp player + Vocalist) & Shadaab Kadri (Producer, aka Riatsu).

The album art signifies 'Asrar' which means secret Urdu. The idea of having a butterfly formation came from the band name 'Kayoben' which is a portmanteau of the words Chaos and Life. To my sense, their music is an experience to witness a secret space filled with mysticism. 

The Logotype is also created by me using my own typeface 'Corsica'. 


Akhila & the Alchemist - 'Let sleeping Gods Lie' Single 2021

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Akhila's single captures a spaced out melancholic yet dreamy vibes which I wanted to capture through the art. Akhila's facination for cuttlefishes was made sure it was captured too!


Some WIP versions

Ioish - 'We move the Sky' Album 2013

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Ioish is a post-rock band in New Delhi. 

This album art had a different sort of journey. The band stumbled upon the art I had previously created, and they instantly resonated with the art for their EP. Should definitely give them a listen!

We move the sky

Tint - 'Of Ethics & Instincts' Album 2013

Tint is Kolkata based indie rock band. 

Vinyl Record PSD MockUp_Tint

Pradyumna Mulpur - 'Sweccharagam' Single 2018

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Sweccharagam represents Utopia. I was quite happy to have worked on this Single cover as it's in Telugu, which is a local language where I stay. 

In the above sketches, you can see some of the ideation and exploration I did in order to align my thoughts with the artist. 

My process is usually split into 3 stages: Pencil drafts where I finalize the direction, inking the final draft using a micron fine nib pens and lastly making a digital render. 

Clam - 'When' EP 2018

Clam is a UK-based post-rock/ambient band Clam’s.

Tristan Eckerson - 'Sitges' Single 2020

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Tristan is a piano player based out of Cincinnati. His music is very calming just like the feel of the ocean. His main inspiration for the song was from the beach in Spain called 'Sitges'.


Humrang - 'Main kya hoon' Single 2019

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Humrang is the music duo of Aditya Dipankar and Mujeeb Shaikh. They're inspired by poetry and music of the soul and matters of the heart.

The art reflects the album title itself, where one often finds himself wondering about its own existence.


Niteesh Kondiparthi - 'Lekha' Single 2019

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Niteesh Kondiparthi is a Singer-Songwriter based out of Hyderabad, India.

Lekha means Letter in Telugu.


Parasighted - 'Journey to the peak passes through the coulds' Single 2022

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So turns out I make electronic too under the moniker 'Parasighted'. As the title of the track has a story to tell, so does the art. Hear. out the single and let me know what you think. :) 


Parasighted - 'Galactic Voyage'  2021

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'Galactic Voyage’ is my debut album. With my growing interest in outer space, the album is set on a journey to explore the unknown realms of outer space. The album is dedicated to all the souls who have left the earth this pandemic, my belief is that they will continue to flourish in different dimension. So put on your imaginery space suit and traverse through outer space as you listen to each track. 



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All Rights Reserved © 2022 Saloni Sinha

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