Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society

Branding and Educational Posters

I collaborated with Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society (EGWS) which is a non-profit organization which promotes community-based wildlife conservation in the Eastern Ghats region of South India through education, conservation-oriented research, public participation, institutional capacity building and sustainable development. They have a vision to conserve the biodiversity of  Eastern Ghats through harmonizing public with nature.

 I illustrated four endangered species so far and then put them in educational posters describing their behavior, habitats, visual description. Their natural environment was drawn as well. I also made logo for EGWS, figured out a branding style for them. I also added my style to make them look attractive. The idea is to educate the villages around the widlife reserves. Regional versions of the posters are being made as well to cater better. The posters were widely shared on social media as well.

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All Rights Reserved © 2018 Saloni Sinha

All Rights Reserved © 2018 Saloni Sinha