Corsica Typeface

Discipline: Type Design, Graphic Design

Client: Personnel

A simple elegant custom serif font I worked on a couple of weeks ago and finally got the time to finish it. The lower case still needs some work but I'm happy how the uppercase and numerics turned out. Feel free to use this font for personal or commercial use (Download link below), but do send me a preview of what you make. And hashtag your creation with #fontcorsica. I'd be happy to feature your creation on this page. 

Made using Adobe Illustrator and an AI plugin - Fontself (Really handy).

CORSICA_number 5
CORSICA_number 6

Note: I'm still working on the lowercase however you are free to use as it is. Free to personal or comercial use, but do share me a preview of what you create and hast tag #fontcorsica ! Thankyou and have fun with it!

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All Rights Reserved © 2022 Saloni Sinha

All Rights Reserved © 2022 Saloni Sinha

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