Product Design and Re-Branding

I worked at Practo Technologies for about a year as a Product designer. I had the opportunity to work on some their products on the provider's side like - Practo Pro, Practo Tab and Ray. I was also a part of a team which was involved re-branding Practo identity. 



Practo Pro

Practice management mobile app


Doctors manage and grow practice by creating a patient network. The mobile app is synced with Practo Ray which is essentially practice management for web.

My role involved designing home screens, doctor's profile, feedback flow and booking flows. I worked on the UI style, icons, illustrations, onborading launch screens and empty states for both Practo Pro and Ray.

The design process involved research with clinic management, interviews with doctors, brainstorming with the product team, explorations with different workflows. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 5.55.03 PM
Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 3.12.46 PM

Ray Tab

reception device for clinics

 Ray tab is an all-in-one reception device that helps clinics provide an exceptional patient experience.

Exclusive features to take feedback from the patients, self registration, consent forms and videos.

This version of tab was rebranded with Practos new branding guidelines. I had the opportunity to work on the Self registertration form for thier Kiosk. I also worked closely with the team for some of thier Dashboard features including welcome tour illustrations.

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