Branding & Product Design

Groupe is a Mobile native workplace collaboration and communication platform for organizations with distributed and deskless workforce. Designed branding elements including logo, website home, graphics and typography. Designed web app, mobile application flow for end users and dashboard for administrators.

Native App
Admin Dashboard
Groupe_dash copy

After branding and positioning the brand in terms of vision, theme i moved on to designing the product itself. The workflow and current business model was understood - how it is helping deskless workers to connect with their team. I looked at similar working models with other products for reference and how this product is different in terms of user created polls, announcements, feedback etc. I started with information architecture, rough wireframes on paper, then few explorations of the UI on Sketch. This was iterated multiple times. After the UI was finalized i used Invision for the clickthrough prototype to give demos. After approvals from the product team the final UI was sent to development for the native app and the admin dashboard. The admin dashboard helps you to get real time data. 


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