Website Redesign and Dashboard Design

Thumb sign is a service where you can login using biometric without going through the hassle of OTPs or remembering passwords. I started with re-designed the website, setup a style guide, illustration style, and product campaign/marketing pages.


Design Process

I designed the UI for fingerprint login, dashboard pages. The dashboard page would let you seamlessly integrate all your devices from different platforms be it Android, iOS, Windows or even IOT devices and bots. This project exposed me to newer technology and empathising with developers and their work style. This involved frequent prototyping and testing with them to get their early feedback.

Brainstorming and Wireframes sketches 


Marketing Web Pages - Responsive screens


Dashboard Design for Integraion

Instagram / Dribbble / Soundcloud

All Rights Reserved © 2018 Saloni Sinha

All Rights Reserved © 2018 Saloni Sinha